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How to Buy Low and Sell High

I thought I would feel ecstasy when I made a lot of money. I thought I could cut my heart out and eat it for breakfast and be hungry for lunch later. I thought that everyone would love me. I thought I would walk in the middle of the street and cars would pass right through me.

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I Lived Nowhere and With Nothing For the Past Year – This Is What Happened…

A little over a year ago I threw out almost everything I owned. Since then I’ve been living out of a single bag. And then I took off.

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Document, Don’t Create: The Secret to Creating Content For Your Personal Brand

If you want people to start listening to you, you have to show up. What I mean by this is there are a lot of you out there who aren’t producing enough articles or videos or pieces of content that you should be produced to build your influence.

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How To Quit You Job The Right Way

When I was at a corporate IT job, I kept wondering: What are all these people doing? Many people were on the phone. Or were already outdated by new software systems. The corporation wouldn’t fire them until much later. When layoffs were mandated.

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Financial Fridays: Why Today Is The Day You Have To Reinvent Yourself

It’s going to be a shitstorm and I hope I have my umbrella. Incomes are getting lower every year. This will never stop.

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Stop Saying “Sorry” And Say “Thank You” Instead

My Meaningless Job Pushed Me Into Alcoholism And Drugs, But Drawing Got Me On My Feet Again

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Accro aux Notifications

___Comment se libérer des distractions ? Aujourd'hui on est tout le temps sollicité par notre téléphone, par les notifications etc. Je te donne 3 conseils pour te libérer des distractions et redevenir efficace !► QUI SUIS-JE ?Ancien fumeur, buveur et gros fêtard, j'ai décidé d'arrêter mes

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Why You Absolutely Must Do A Podcast

Before I tell you why should ABSOLUTELY do a podcast, you should first know: DO NOT do a podcast. He was dead on. There’s 400,000 podcasts. The world doesn’t need another interview podcast. Don’t do a podcast if you have nothing to say.

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A Minimalist Journey Towards Owning Less Stuff

Many people start their minimalist people before even realizing it. So did Steve. He went from a house to a car. From the UK to the Netherlands. And from being a proud telescope owner to simply keeping a photo of it as a memory.

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Pourquoi ce besoin irrépressible de consulter son smartphone, même en pleine conversation?

Pourquoi, hein, pourquoi? Le philosophe italien Maurizio Ferraris vient de publier un essai sur la «force» qui nous pousse à nous soumettre aux ordres de notre téléphone… Vous prenez l’apéro avec un ami. Vous l’aimez, cet ami.

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4 tips to start a minimalist life after your vacation

A few weeks ago we had a beautiful talk with Brandy and Paolo from ALOR on how to reach freedom of time. Two people that have started to live a minimalist life under very different conditions, eventually found each other and now apply minimalism together.

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In the Inbox

Given my hatred of email, I’ve been rather confused recently. You see, I’ve found myself subscribing to things. Things that are delivered to my inbox. Yes, I’ve asked for more things to be placed into my inbox. On purpose. The email newsletter is obviously nothing new.

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Remove the Unnecessary

When we meditate, we recognize thoughts as they come and go. This isn’t news to anyone who reads this blog, since I repeat it like a broken record. But what exactly happens over time when we become more aware of our thoughts? To put it simply— we begin to audit ourselves.

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LE JARDIN PHILOSOPHE : blog philo-poiétique de Guy Karl

Les arbres du parc s'effeuillent dans le vent d'automne. Déjà de larges échappées ouvrent sur le ciel gris. Assis à mon bureau je regarde longtemps par la fenêtre, j'observe la pie qui saute de branche de branche, s'arrêtant par moment pour picorer, puis reprenant sa course.

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LE JARDIN PHILOSOPHE : blog philo-poiétique de Guy Karl

Lorsqu'on est enfant on a bien du mal à concevoir ce que signifie la mort : une absence, sans doute, qui prendra bien fin un jour. Le défunt reviendra, c'est certain. Puis vient un temps où l'enfant soupçonne l'affreuse vérité : le défunt ne revient pas.

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4 Simple Ways to Experience Daily Zen

Take a moment to think back over the past week of your life. How have you been using your time? How many emails clogged up your inbox?

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Project 333 For Kids

Every parent knows there are mountains of laundry involved with kids. The secret to getting through this is creating a capsule wardrobe inspired by Courtney Carver’s Project 333. The goal is to minimize kids clothing in your house in order to make laundry day and getting dressed much more simple.

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The Value of a Smaller iPad Pro

The other day I was talking to a good friend about how much we both still love the 12.9″ iPad Pro — we use it a lot for work and leisure. We then talked about the smaller 9.7″ and we took some pot shots at it, but now I feel bad — because I undervalue how much a part of my workflow the 9.

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Offline is the new luxury (4)

Time spent on your smartphone: how could you pass it more wisely? And what exactly does it do for you? Each Friday, Irene, who together with Astrid is the founder of Flow, writes about this particular issue.

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Real work on the iPad

I only took iOS devices with me to Indianapolis last week for Release Notes. My iPad Pro with smart keyboard, for writing and podcasting; an older iPad Mini, for reading on the plane; and of course my iPhone SE. I know a lot of journalists use the iPad full time, and that’s fine.

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Become a minimalist by traveling: 5 reasons to hit the road

Traveling is not only fun and beautiful, it is also important to get to know ourselves. And will help you to become a minimalist.

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5 Simple Steps to Getting Rid of the Junk in Your House

From Dr. Oz The Good Life Minimalism is having a moment right now. It seems like everyone and their neighbor is kicking their junk to the curb, cleaning out every nook and cranny to get rid of the things they don't really need.

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9 (really simple) ways to get the best out of yourself. Every day.

Have you ever found yourself reading dozens of personal development articles on Medium and ending up with a shit load of motivation and ideas to take your life to the next level? Well, me too.

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LE JARDIN PHILOSOPHE : blog philo-poiétique de Guy Karl

Fondamentalement je suis un solitaire, même si, avec le temps, j'ai mis, comme on dit, un peu d'eau dans mon vin. Solitaire mais pas sauvage, car j'apprécie une bonne conversation entre amis, une solide discussion de groupe, un spectacle partagé.

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25 Simple Habits You Can Build From Scratch

In this popular video, I discuss how to shift from talking about doing, to actually doing. By breaking down the things you want to accomplish into the smallest units possible, it reduces the hurdle to actually taking action.

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11 Household Chores Made Easier In a Smaller Home

Five years ago, our family of four moved into a smaller home. We made the decision because we recognized the benefits of owning a smaller house: less expense, less stress, more freedom, more family interaction, and more opportunity to spend our lives on greater things than square footage.

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5 Truths About Minimalism I Remind Myself Often

On average, we see 5,000 advertisements every day calling us to buy more and more. And I want to be just one voice inviting us to buy less. From the very beginning, Becoming Minimalist has had one goal: inspire others to live more by owning less.

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Turn Down the Volume

With all the technological advances of the past few decades, we’ve become more efficient than ever. But, of course, with every discrete bit of input from our laptops, tablets, smartphones, earbuds, email, apps, and Wi-Fi toasters, our world has grown louder.

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A Useful Guide To Launching Version 2.0 Of Your Life

It can be tempting to think about the next version of your life. You know, the one where you’re more successful, doing what you love, and existing as an all-around happier person. Most of us tend to think about our current stage of life as the one before our real life starts.

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Le minimalisme comme chemin vers plus de liberté d’esprit

Cet article a été posté initialement sur enlightenerds.

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The iPhone 6s Plus — Tools and Toys

After a year of using the iPhone 6 Plus, I tried the “normal” sized iPhone 6s for a short while earlier this year.

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The Mindfulness of Social Photo Sharing

This week I took a jaunt into the wilderness, and came across such jaw-dropping scenery that my first instinct was to take a picture and share it with everyone I knew. Then I realized I didn’t have Internet in the Sierra Nevadas, so I just stared at it instead. And wondered.

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How I built and presented my conference talk on the iPad

After I drowned my computer right before a conference, I had to turn to the iPad Pro. In my heart, I know that my electronics are unthinking, unfeeling machines. I know this. But it's hard not to imprint a little emotion now and then.

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à lire sur Medium: If you were to die tomorrow, would you be happy with your life?

If you were to die tomorrow, would you be happy with your life?

It takes something substantial happening in our lives for us to realize that life is short. Our taxi driver opened the door to the car and we got rear ended from behind. I looked around to see what was going on, and outside of the left window of the car, I saw a man on the pavement.

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The future is looking bright for photographers on iOS

With the release of iOS 10, I am excited about the prospect of a new era in managing and editing my digital photographs. I have been doing all my digital stuff from iOS devices only for quite a while now. Since the beginning of this year, the iPhone and my iPad have been my only computers.

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à lire sur Medium: The future is looking bright for photographers on iOS

Need to declutter? Don't bother

It’s a mysterious truth of the digital era that we can build self-driving cars and astronauts can tweet from space – yet there’s still no half-decent, non-maddening system for organising the photos you take on your smartphone.

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The Information Age is over; welcome to the Experience Age

Twenty-five years after the introduction of the World Wide Web, the Information Age is coming to an end. Thanks to mobile screens and Internet everywhere, we’re now entering what I call the “Experience Age.”

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Why Successful People Spend 10 Hours A Week Just Thinking

Warren Buffett has spent 80% of his career thinking. Here’s why. Warren Buffett, the CEO of the fourth largest company in the country, isn’t as busy as you are. By his own estimate, he has spent 80% of his career reading and thinking.

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What I’ve Learned in 10 Years of Zen Habits

Unbelievably, this month marks 10 years since I started Zen Habits. I’ve had an amazing decade, and I’d like to reflect on those years today. I’ve seen so much change in the last 10 years that I can’t possibly reflect on all of it.

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How to Better Remember and Make Use of What You Read

Have you ever read a book passage that you're certain could one day be applicable to your life? But, between your shopping list, work to-dos, and your aunt's upcoming birthday, the passage quickly fades from your memory causing you to draw a blank when you really need to reference it.

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5 Tips on Living a More Minimalist Lifestyle

There’s a staggering excess of things we don’t need. Piles of junk mail show up in our mailboxes each day. Thousands of products are promoted in stores and on screen, and hundreds of promotional swag are given out for “free.” Every item has an additional hidden cost.

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/Motivation/Les bienfaits de la retraite créative – enlightenerds

Qu’elle prenne la forme d’un isolement total dans une cabane, d’une résidence artistique dans une ville inconnue ou simplement de vacances à la campagne, la retraite créative peut avoir des bienfaits forts sur le processus de création.

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Your Salary is Not Your Self-Worth (and Why I Gave Myself Permission to Earn Less)

It’s been an interesting first year as a full-time freelance writer. For starters, I didn’t even know that I’d still be out on my own, at this point.

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The Man Who Quit Money: An Interview with Daniel Suelo

When I first heard the story of Daniel Suelo, I was immediately intrigued. After all, Daniel lives entirely without money and has done so for the past 12 years. In 2000, he put his entire life savings in a phone booth, walked away, and has lived moneyless ever since.

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C’est la rentrée, on change de vie ?

La rentrée c’est mardi prochain officiellement, surtout pour les enfants, mais les adultes sont eux quasiment tous revenus au bureau ce lundi.

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La Finlande expérimente le revenu de base pendant 2 ans

2 000 citoyens finlandais tirés au sort recevront de la part de l'État un peu moins de 600 € par mois, sans contre-partie. Le but de l'expérience étant de déterminer les conséquences économiques du revenu universel.

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Quitter Facebook

J’ai décidé de quitter Facebook pour 4 raisons. Je crois que toute personne un peu rationnelle devrait en faire autant — même si je n’aime pas trop me livrer à la prédication.

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